Toyota Previa
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Toyota
Model: Previa
Toyota Previa

In the United States, the Previa was sold from 1991 until 1997. It was imported from Japan to compete with Chrysler's successful Dodge Caravan minivan, and also with the Chrysler Town and Country and the Plymouth Voyager. The Toyota Previa, also known as the Toyota Estima in Japan and the Toyota Tarago in Australia, is a Multi Purpose Vehicle produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation since 1990. The Previa quickly became a popular model in the United States, despite its relatively high price. It was also plagued by poor fuel economy and a single sliding door. The first generation was sold outside the United States until 2000, when a newly designed model replaced it. The mid-engine design turned out to have a special weakness. There was no way to increase the engine size, which was a significant problem in the US as drivers were used to having more power. For example, the Chrysler models were sold with available V6 engines. So, starting in 1994, Toyota handled this problem by adding a supercharger, which brought the engine power up to a competitive 160 hp. The United States version of the Previa was discontinued after the 1997 model year, and was subsequently replaced by the more traditionally designed Camry-based Sienna. The second generation Previa had a slightly longer wheelbase and was both narrower and shorter than the first generation. Further, it switched layouts and was based on the Camry platform instead. It was now manufactured with passenger doors on both sides and offered space for up to six, seven or eight passengers. As with the first generation, it was sold as the Estima in Japan and as the Tarago in Australia. The range offered in Australia included the GLi, the GLX and the Ultima. The Ultima version was meant to be a competitor for Chrysler.

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