Suzuki Verona
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Suzuki
Model: Verona
Suzuki Verona

The V200 was offered as the Daewoo Evanda in Western Europe, and the Chevrolet Evanda in many Eastern European countries where General Motors did not previously use the Daewoo brand. Later, in 2004, the entire Daewoo brand was replaced by Chevrolet in all of Europe, with models renamed accordingly. Further, the Evanda is also badge-engineered as the Suzuki Verona in North America and the Chevrolet Epica in other markets including China and Arabia. However, Suzuki announced it would drop the Verona name and model after the 2006 model year due to poor sales. The Suzuki dealers will however see a new Verona as early as Spring 2007. This car will be based off of the Tosca by Daewoo. The Veronica, while on the market in the US, was a midsize sedan that was developed and manufactured by Daewoo Motors until its purchase by General Motors. It is now built for GM Daewoo Auto & Technology by Daewoo Incheon Motor Company at its Bupyeong facility in South Korea. The GM Daewoo and other GM divisions, as well as the GM affiliate, Suzuki, have been offering this car under different badges in various countries as previously stated. The car is also known under its internal Daewoo codename of V200. The V200 is a further development of the Daewoo Leganza, as it is based on a stretched platform of that model. Released in 2000, it was sold alongside the Leganza in Korea until the end of the V100 production in 2002. At that point it was also superseded in the export markets. The V200 itself has been given an extensive makeover for 2006, which resulted in a new name of the model, the V250, or Daewoo Tosca in Korea. The V250 will completely replace all versions of the V200 during 2006, which will hopefully bring some continuity to the brand.

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