Suzuki Fronte
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Suzuki
Model: Fronte
Suzuki Fronte

The Suzuki Fronte 360 is a 2-door sedan that was launched in March of 1967. The wheelbase was 196 cm and the engine was a 356cc 3-cylinder air-cooled 2-cycle that was placed transversely. In terms of the model's overall shape, it had a round profile, which was nicknamed Daruma. This is a Japanese roly-poly doll. Further, this is the smallest car to use the cola-bottle shape that became popular in the United States for the 1965 model year. In November of 1968 came the introduction of the Suzuki Fronte SS 360 with 36 hp. The Suzuki Fronte SSS followed in April 1970. In the export market there was also a Suzuki Fronte 500, which had the engine enlarged to 475cc since January 1969. The same year saw a successor to the Suzulight Van in the Suzuki Fronte Van 2-door wagon. This model had a conventional engine layout, with the engine in front and rear wheel drive. It had a rear rigid axle with leaf springs and a wheelbase of 199.5cm. The engine was an air-cooled 3-cylinder 2-cycle 356 cc. But by July 1969, a less commercial version showed up as the Suzuki Fronte Estate, which was intended to give the car buyer a model with more luggage room without having to buy a commercial version. Then, in June 1970 this model was supplanted by the Suzuki Fronte Custom with the same wagon body style but without a rear hatch. In fact there was a trunk lid only, which was to please the customer and disguised the fact that it was actually a wagon. The idea of a wagon itself was not popular in those days. This might be the only wagon ever without a bottom to top back opening but the model was dropped in 1971, so maybe that is why it was the only such model. Anyhow, by the 1973 model year, the engine in the Suzuki Fronte Van became a 2-cylinder 2-cycle water-cooled 359cc.

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