Suzuki Aerio
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Suzuki
Model: Aerio
Suzuki Aerio

In North America, the Aerio is considered a sportier alternative to the other models being offered. Not to mention, it features a bigger and more powerful 2.0 L engine, with 145 hp SAE. Also, manual transmission was standard, with an optional automatic, as well as the possibility to install four-wheel drive for those looking to take this baby for some real driving. Later, in 2004, Suzuki North America introduced a new 2.3 L engine, with enlarged bore and stroke that was now capable of achieving 155 hp SAE with the same transmission choices being available. The American Aerio also featured a standard sport body with rear spoiler and all wheel drive. The following year, the exterior styling was slightly redone whereas the interior was completely redesigned. The most noticeable features added were the conventional analog dials that glow red when the headlights are activated. In Europe, the car is called Liana, which is an acronym for "Life In A New Age". Here it is seen as a more affordable alternative to other small family cars or to mini Multi Purpose Vehicles. In Europe, all wheel drive is available on the bigger engine models. In 2004 the car was drastically restyled with a look that was closer to resembling the Japanese version. At this point it also received a Diesel engine, with a 16-valve version of the 1.4 L HDi engine supplied by PSA Peugeot Citroen, which was capable of 90 PS DIN. This compact car built by Suzuki Motor Corporation to fit in between the compact and lower mid-size segments. The car was launched as a replacement for the Suzuki Esteem, with a tall 5-door hatchback or a 4-door sedan body. This new model featured two different 16-valve gasoline engines, with 1.5 L and 1.8 L. Drivers seemed initially pleased with the offerings.

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