Subaru XT
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Subaru
Model: XT
Subaru XT

The Subaru XT, XT6, and Alcyone are sporty coupes that were sold from 1985 to 1991 by Subaru. The XT was badged in Australia and New Zealand as the Vortex, and was badged the XT6 in North America and Europe. Further, it was known as the Alcyone in Japan. All of the previously mentioned models were available in front wheel drive or all wheel drive depending on the year of the model. The name originates from the brightest star in the Pleiades star cluster, on which the Subaru logo is based. Later down the road, the XT was supplanted by the Subaru SVX in 1992. Subaru has worked very hard to build a reputation for designing and marketing unusual vehicles. Sometimes they are successful, and other times they are not. The XT was first launched in February 1985 in the United States as a wedged-shaped body that was a departure from the 1970s curves. When introduced, the New York Times called it a jazzy design, which was in contrast to Subaru's older undesirable offerings according to the publication. The extreme wedge body shape was possible due to the engine's layout that was shared by all Subarus in 1985. Extensive wind tunnel testing was utilized to lower the wind resistance, and even further, special door handles were used that were totally flush with the outside of the body. You had to push a hinged panel out to open the door. Rubber spoilers before each wheel well opening doubled as mudguards but were really installed to direct airflow smoothly past the wheels. The result was without doubt the most aerodynamic production car of its time. The aircraft styling was taken inside as well. There were features such as pod mounted lighting and wiper controls. Further, the turbo models featured an orange backlit LCD instrument display with a tachometer, a boost indicator and temperature and fuel gauges.

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