Subaru SVX
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Subaru
Model: SVX
Subaru SVX

Everyone always wants to know about cost, so the base model 1992 SVX-LS was retailing for around $24,445, with the top of the line model, the LS-L, listing at $28,000. Further, by the end of its production run in 1997, the price had risen to $36,740 for the top-of-the-line LSi. The Alcyone SVX, also known in the United States as the Subaru SVX, was a mid-sized, high-performance sports coupe sold by Subaru from 1991 to 1997. It was in fact Fuji Heavy Industries first stab at entering the luxury and performance car market. Despite the seemingly high price at the time, sales in the United States were good. In total, 5,280 cars were sold in 1992 and 3,859 cars were sold in 1993. This was in fact a disappointment for Subaru as they expected to sell 10,000 SVXs each year. Sales further dropped for the next few years before falling to just 640 units in 1997. At this point it was time to cut the losses and Subaru discontinued the vehicle as a result. The Subaru was originally introduced in the United States in July of 1991 as a 1992 model. This was followed up with a Japanese market introduction in September of that same year. The model was designed and aimed to be the replacement for their aging Alcyone XT and the Alcyone XT6 coupes. During the early 2000s it has become one of the more popular cars to collect from the 1990s, especially among Subaru fans. Many well-preserved and maintained models are still on the road today and available at a fraction of their original price. Total sales of the SVX numbered 14,257 in the United States over the total number of years in production. Further, this number is about 25,000 worldwide. Roughly 7,000 of all of the SVXs sold were right-hand drive models. The SVX Color availability changed from year to year in the various markets around the world.

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