Subaru Rex
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Subaru
Model: Rex
Subaru Rex

The Subaru Rex represented a fresh start, having little do with the previous Subaru 360, although they did share a rear-engine layout. The Subaru Rex was a Keicar automobile produced from 1972 to 1992 and was for sale in Japan by Subaru. Further, it was also sold in other countries such as Chile. The Rex included a 358 cc rear-mounted, water cooled, two-cylinder, four-stroke engine that was upgraded from the two stroke engine used by the 360 and R-2 models. In 1981, the Subaru Rex became front wheel drive, and thus the engine was enlarged to 665 cc in 1982. Sadly, the end for the Rex came in 1992, when it was supplanted by the Vivio. The Rex itself was a replacement for the Subaru R-2, which was meant to be the replacement for the long-lived, but outdated Subaru 360. Because the R-2 was based too largely on the 360, it lasted only a few years, as it was not seen as something new and innovative. On the other hand, the 360 was produced for 11 years and the Rex was produced for 20. Recently it has become somewhat of a cult car in Japan, being used in front wheel drive drift events. Further, Rex is also a common nickname for the high performance Subaru Impreza WRX, especially in Australia where it is called a Fiori. The Fiori offshoot was also built and adorned with pink and blue pin striping from the factory and a 2-year or 50,000 mile warranty. It came equipped with a different engine, as the Fiori is equipped with Subaru's 758cc carbureted 4-cylinder EN08 engine. Additionally, to keep up with the badges used around the world, the "Rex" is known as the "Ace" in some markets. The length of the model was 318.5 cm and was also called the Subaru 500 in other export markets. Further, in even more export markets, it was called the Subaru 600.

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