Subaru R-2
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Subaru
Model: R-2
Subaru R-2

Initially, the R2 was offered in 11 colors and 3 trim levels. Thus, there were a plethora of options for buyers. The Subaru R2 was first announced in Japan on December 8, 2003 as Subaru's re-entry in the Japanese Keicar market. In terms of engine offerings, the two lower engines are available with either a manual transmission or a CVT. The supercharged engine is joined by a sport shift version of the CVT. Both front wheel drive and all wheel drive were also offered. The R2 moniker was inspired by the Subaru R-2, the Keicar model that was produced between 1969 and 1972. On the exterior, the R2 reflects the influence of Andreas Zapatinas who worked at Alfa Romeo before moving to Subaru. The R2 is the first production Subaru to sport the family look, which includes the spread wings grille. Further, the R2's exterior dimensions are very similar to its predecessor, the Subaru Pleo. On the other hand, the R2 is deliberately rounded and does not use every inch of its dimensions for interior space. The Kei car category is a Japanese category of small automobiles that include passenger cars, vans and pickup trucks. They are designed to exploit the local tax and insurance regulations, and are exempted from the requirement to prove adequate parking is available for the vehicle. These standards began in the years following the end of the Second World War, when most Japanese could not afford a full-sized car yet had enough to buy a motorcycle. In an effort to promote the growth of the car industry, as well as to offer an alternative delivery method to small business and shop owners, Kei car standards were created by the government. And thus, Subaru found a way to work around the laws and satisfy the needs of consumers quite adequately.

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