Subaru Loyale
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Subaru
Model: Loyale
Subaru Loyale

In 1990, the Leone was rebadged the Loyale in North America and came equipped with either a 1.8-liter, 90-hp flat-4 engine or a turbo version at 115-hp. Both part-time and permanent all-wheel drive were available in both the wagon and the sedan, which made it a great car in inclement weather. Though the name Loyale first appeared in 1990, the Subaru Leone, first appeared in the U.S. in 1972. It was most commonly known by its trim designations, such as the Subaru DL, the GL and the RS. The Leone was a two-wheel or four-wheel drive wagon, sedan, coupe, or hatchback that later influenced the designing of the Subaru BRAT. In 1991, the coupe was dropped however more power features and comforts were added to the sedan and wagon versions. Later, in 1994, the Loyale now came only in a wagon model, and was taken as a sister car to the larger and more powerful Legacy. It was supplanted the following year by the Impreza sedan and wagon models. In its heyday, the Subaru Loyale was durable, dependable and delivered good all-wheel drive performance. Owners have described their satisfaction with the model stating that these traits, plus the adequate gas mileage helped make this subcompact a good value choice. Back in the timeline of events, the DL and GL sedans and wagons began being called the Loyale for 1990. The sedan and wagon came in a single price series with standard equipment. By 1990, the Leone name itself was dropped, and instead the car was named Loyale. For reasons unknown, there is also a conjecture that drivers of the Loyale wagons call them WUBA as a cute nickname. Oddly enough, there seems to be a small, yet present, cult following behind the Loyale that is really unexplainable. But, to each his own.

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