Subaru 450
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Subaru
Model: 450
Subaru 450

Subaru is a Japanese car company that is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Unlike some other motor companies; it is not named after its founder. In fact, 'Subaru' is the Japanese word for the star cluster Pleiades, which is depicted in the company's logo. Subaru's logo of six stars represents the five companies that merged after World War II to form one large company. Prior to WWII, Fuji Heavy Industries was known as Nakajima Aircraft, which actually made many fighter planes and bombers. After the war, the company was mandated to spread into 15 companies to cut the strength of the huge weapon industry. In the early 1950s, five of the original companies re-gathered into one to begin as a transportation corporation. They became FHI, and thus the five little stars and one big star. As a result, the present emblem represents the present company structure. While smaller than many of its competitors, Subaru has been a highly profitable company for many years on account of their ability to be innovative in the area of performance. They are recognized for the production of conventional-bodied cars with full-time AWD. This describes nearly all of their product range. Further, they are noted for their use of boxer engines. As things in the corporate world changed, they became an affiliate of Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota owns 8.7% of FHI. This portion was acquired from General Motors, who bought 20% of FHI in 1999 in an effort to have an extended presence in the international marketplace. They were also seeking to collaborate technologically with FHI. General Motors had only recently purchased their 20% stake from Nissan in 1999. Nissan on the other hand had owned it since 1968. They acquired their share due to a restructuring of the Japanese auto market years back.

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