Studebaker Silver Hawk
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Studebaker
Model: Silver Hawk
Studebaker Silver Hawk

The Studebaker Silver Hawk was an automobile produced between 1957 and 1959 by the Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana. The Silver Hawk was the supplement to the two lower models in the four-model Hawk range in 1956. Both of these cars were two-door pillared coupes in the United States market, and therefore, so was the Silver Hawk. It came in two versions with different engines. More or less, the same car was produced for two further years as simply the Studebaker Hawk, since from 1959 onward no other Hawk models were available on the marketplace. From the outside, the Silver Hawk was a pillared coupe version of the Golden Hawk, which was the upper of the two Hawk models in 1957. Differences included the fact that there was a little bit less chrome, no supercharger or bulge in the hood and a simpler two-tone paint scheme. Many of these models were ordered by the dealers in solid white with one additional contrasting color. Ordinarily, the additional contrasting color matched the interior, and according to many owners, they were better looking than the factory two-tone paint models. Because of horrible sales and plummeting financial reserves, the Golden Hawk was dropped in 1958. The 1959 Silver Hawk was meant to be the only Hawk model in production, and it was only kept on because Studebaker dealers wanted a glamorous flagship model. In fact, the Silver Hawk was the only non-Lark model kept in production. At this point, the Silver Hawk badge was moved to the fins instead of the trunk lid. Further changes included moving the parking lights to the side grilles from the front fenders. In the biggest disappointment, the two-tone paint was discontinued for all US orders, although it was still available for export. Lastly, chrome molding around the windows was added. But, in the end, the company’s days were numbered anyhow.

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