Scion xA
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Scion
Model: xA
Scion xA

The Scion xA made its debut on the market in the 2004 model year, the first vehicle from Toyota's spin off brand. The concept for the Scion brand developed as an effort to target a younger generation of consumers. The Scion xA is a four door hatchback and one of the first two automobiles to be introduced in this division. This unique, trendy vehicle was fashioned in European style, and has much to offer for its price. Passengers are in for a fun ride with each drive in the Scion xA, as it offers a smooth ride, near effortless handling and tight cornering. A five speed manual overdrive transmission is standard, although a four speed automatic is also an option. A fully equipped sound system with compact disc player is standard, along with an optional CD changer. In addition, an integrated, iPod controlled, AM/FM/CD head unit by Pioneer was made available to buyers as an optional accessory in the 2006 model year for added listening pleasure. The vehicle also received a mini makeover in this year, with several updates on the exterior including a refashioned bumper, and interior upgrades like brand new seat fabric and steering wheel mounted controls. Standard features included in the Scion xA are air conditioning, and power window and door locks. A subwoofer is an option available for those looking for an extra kick from the audio system, as is a leather covered steering wheel for a little touch of class. The Scion xA was also built to include a number of standard safety features, including antilock brakes and driver passenger air bags. It has consistently earned four star frontal, side, and rollover crash test safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Aside from its hip style and customizable features, the Xa is also popular with consumers for its superior gas mileage and outstanding reliability. This Scion xA is perfect for anyone who wants a car created to meet the demands of the twenty first century with a host of amenities, at an affordable price that will easily fit within the monthly budget.

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