Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Rolls-Royce
Model: Silver Dawn
Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn

The Silver Dawn is a highly limitedly available car. It shares the same body as the Bentley Mark VI, and only a mere 761 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn were produced between 1949 and 1955. Now compare that to the over 7500 Bentleys that were manufactured over the same time period. When the Silver Dawn first appeared in 1949 it was only intended for export and it was not before 1953 that this restriction was removed and home market customers were available to make purchases. This model was badge-engineered as the Bentley Mark VI to raise Rolls-Royce’s export sales. In terms of performance, only the later Rolls Royce models offered the automatic transmission, but it rendered the vehicle extremely sluggish.

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The early models had a different dashboard than their Bentley counterpart, but the later models only differed by the entwined R-R logo on the gauges, hubcaps and engine covers. Additionally, there was a different hood on the standard steel sedan as well as a square radiator. As many changes were being made, the final revision of the Silver Spirit and Silver Spur was introduced late in 1995. However, a new Silver Dawn had appeared a year earlier in the American market. Further, another new name was also added, the Park Ward limousine. This was launched just as the Silver Spirit name was dropped. By 1997, the long wheelbase was standard on all models, with the limousine models offering the extra-long only. Further, one more major change that year was the launch of a Garrett turbocharger on all models. When the Bentley Mark VI (the rebadged model) was replaced by the Bentley R, the name was changed to the terms Silver Dawn. Not that it really mattered; big or small boot, this was a very nice Rolls-Royce. You can obtain more information going here and car transport estimates on our calculator for your Silver Dawn.

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