Renault Caravelle
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Renault
Model: Caravelle
Renault Caravelle

The Renault Caravelle was a roadster manufactured by the French manufacturer Renault between the years 1958 and 1968. Further, outside of North America, it was known as the Renault Floride. This model was unveiled at the 1958 Paris Motor Show as a small rear-engined convertible that was designed by Pietro Frua at Carrozzeria Ghia. It used the platform and engine of the Renault Dauphine sedan. Further, a model that was tuned by Renault performance expert Amedee Gordini was created that produced 40 hp as opposed to the standard model's 35. The car's lack of power was mitigated somewhat by the replacement in 1962 of its Dauphine-derived running gear with a new 956cc engine from the recently launched Renault 8. Additionally, in 1964 another R8-derived engine of 1108cc was introduced to the Caravelle, thus producing 55 hp. Renault, the company, is well known for numerous revolutionary designs, security technologies and motor racing. When its cars were exported to the United States during the 1950s and 1960s, the American public commonly mispronounced the name as “ren-alt”. In the United Kingdom it is pronounced "ren-o" although the French pronunciation is closer to "ruh-no". The company has been producing cars since late 1898, and was founded in 1899 as Societe Renault Freres by Louis Renault, his brothers Marcel and Fernand, and his friend Thomas Evert. Now that would be a fun venture to take part in with some buddies. Anyhow, Louis was a bright, aspiring young engineer who had already designed and built several models before teaming up with his brothers, who had honed their business skills working for their father's textiles firm. While Louis handled design and production, Marcel and Fernand handled company management. This turned out to be a match made in heaven as the company maintained its reputation for many years to come.

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