Porsche 930
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Porsche
Model: 930
Porsche 930

The 930, which is pronounced nine-thirty, was a sports car manufactured by Porsche. The number 930 is actually the type number for an earlier generation 911 Turbo which was produced between 1975 and 1989. The 930 was Porsche's top model for its entire production, and at the time of its release, it was the fastest production car available in Germany. Porsche first began experimenting with turbo-charge technology on their racecars during the late 1960s, but in 1972 began developing a turbocharged version of the 911. Porsche developed the car in an effort to create a fully equipped version of the 911 that would top the model range and give Porsche a competitor to vehicles from Ferrari and Lamborghini. The cars coming from the previously mentioned automakers were more expensive and more exclusive than the standard 911. It proved later to be a viable platform for racing vehicles, and became the basis for the 934 and 935 racecars. Ferdinand Porsche was running the company at the time and handed development of the model to Ernst Fuhrmann. He adapted the turbo-technology that was originally created for the 917 CAN-AM car to the 3.0 liter flat six from the Carrera RS 3.0. He created what Porsche internally named the 930. Total output from the engine was 260 hp, which was much more than the standard Carrera. In order to be certain that the platform could make the most of the higher power output, an updated suspension and larger brakes were part of the package. Some buyers were unhappy anyhow with Porsche's use of a 4-speed gearbox while a 5-speed was offered in the Carrera. Further, a rear spoiler was installed to help vent more air to the engine and to create more downforce at the rear of the vehicle. Also, wider rear wheels with upgraded tires were added to increase the width and grip, thus making it more stable.

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