Pontiac Vibe
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Pontiac
Model: Vibe
Pontiac Vibe

Well, the Pontiac Vibe is hard to classify. It is a car produced in Fremont, California by NUMMI, which is the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. This is a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota. It is best described as a quasi-SUV intended for younger buyers. The model prototypes were shown at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2000, and production vehicles hit showrooms in 2002 for the 2003 model year. Toyota also markets the model as the Toyota Matrix, but due to lack of capacity at the NUMMI plant, the Matrix is manufactured at a Toyota plant in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. It is offered in an economical base model, a sportier GT, or an all-wheel drive model. The Vibe features a standard household-style 115 volt AC electrical outlet so that common electrical devices can be used inside the car without a separate inverter. This might just be the coolest feature in the car, and it is pretty darn cool. The Pontiac Vibe also has air conditioning as standard, as well as a roof rack and numerous other items. Engine offerings include a Toyota-built 1.8 L I4 16-valve engine producing 126 hp on the base model, a 118 hp on the all-wheel drive model, or a version with VVTL-i producing 164 hp for the GT. Not to mention, the Vibe is currently the most fuel efficient vehicle sold by GM in North America. Over the years, there have been some minor changes. For example, the horsepower ratings for the first three model years were slightly higher than the most recent models. And sadly, the 2007 model year no longer offers a GT or an all-wheel-drive version due to poor sales and new federal emissions standards. Of course, it is a good thing that emission standards are being updated to reflect the medical and environmental data that is available.

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