Pontiac Safari
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Pontiac
Model: Safari
Pontiac Safari

Safari was a moniker that was first given to Pontiac's version of the 2-door Nomad station wagon. The body style, which originally was similar to a 1954 Chevrolet Corvette concept car, was shifted to a Chevrolet and Pontiac full-size production vehicle. This was done based on the perceived sales potential. Post 1959, the name Safari was then applied to Pontiac's full-size four-door station wagon models in its Catalina, Executive and Bonneville ranges. Further, the 1955 Safari was created using shared components with the Chevrolet's Nomad Station Wagon, and was fitted with Pontiac's unique front-end bumper assembly. Further, it had the coveted sheet metal and rear taillight design, both of which were created by Pontiac stylist Paul Gillan. The Safari was offered as a sport-coupe with extra chrome embellishing the tailgate and the interior. Also, it had sliding rear-seat windows which made the ride much more enjoyable in the hot summers. The B pillar of the station wagon was raked forward, which was a design element that was not shared with the other GM two-door station wagons at the time. From 1959 onward though, all Safaris came with four doors. General Motors decided to discontinue the clever sport wagon body at the end of the 1957 model year, and as a result, all full-size station wagon models were named for their series. After a long run, in 1989 the Safari was discontinued due to the decreasing popularity of full-size station wagons as minivans had taken over the market. Chrysler also made its last full-size station wagon in 1977. Further, Ford dropped its Country Squire and Mercury Colony Park wagons in 1991. The whole bunch was bailing out. The remaining GM wagons were the last to go with the Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser being discontinued after the 1992 model year, and finally the Chevrolet Caprice Wagon and the Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon were discontinued in 1996. The era of the SUV had begun.

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