Plymouth Turismo
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Plymouth
Model: Turismo
Plymouth Turismo

In 1985 some name changes were taking place at Plymouth. The Shelby and the Charger monikers were shaken up to reflect the addition of a turbocharged engine. Further, two new colors were added for 1985, with those being black and red, each with silver stripes. Odd to think that a new engine and some new paint would contribute to all the name changes and confusion that follow. To add to the matter, Plymouth received a version of the old Shelby Charger, which revived the Duster name as the Plymouth Turismo. Now this is where things really get interesting. Despite what was expected, Plymouth never got a turbocharged version of the Shelby Charger. On the other hand, two turbo charged Turismos that were using the Shelby front end, were shown around Chrysler headquarters. There was some hope that these concept cars would make their way to production, but nothing materialized from there. As it turns out, the previous high-compression 107 hp (80 kW) Shelby Charger engine was at this point an option on the regular Dodge Chargers. The year 1987 was the last for the Omni and Horizon-derived Charger and Turismo. In total, 2,011 Chargers with the 174 hp (130 kW) Turbo II engine were now badged the Shelby Charger Turbo. The Dodge marquee was indeed dropped at this point. By 1987, they were replaced by the Dodge Shadow and the Plymouth Sundance. There seems to be some confusion, thus these should not be taken as the real 1987 Shelby Charger, because in fact, Carroll Shelby bought 1,000 of the last Chargers. They were then enhanced with the Omni GLH's engine and suspension to be sold under this name. It is not customary of course for a bunch of models to be bought up and enhance, but then again, what is expected?

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