Plymouth Trail Duster
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Plymouth
Model: Trail Duster
Plymouth Trail Duster

The Plymouth Trailduster was a large sport utility vehicle built by Dodge and Plymouth from 1974 to 1993. It was based upon on a shortened-wheelbase version of the Dodge D Series Ram pickup truck chassis. From 1974 to 1981, it was sold under the Plymouth marquee, but otherwise was known as the Dodge Ramcharger. The Trailduster was mainly produced as a two-door, fulltime four-wheel drive vehicle. A two-wheel drive version was available though after the 1981 model year. First year model are different from the latter years in that its door pillars are attached to a removable roof. The removable tops were available in the 1970s models. Don't be confused though, soft tops were also available. This vehicle was usually powered by a Chrysler LA engine with the most common being the 318 in<sup>3</sup> (5.2 L) with the 360 in<sup>3</sup> (5.9 L) and even big-block RB 440 in<sup>3</sup> (7.2 L) engines that were offered in the early years. This model's competition as a full-sized SUV was mostly from the Chevrolet K5 Blazer and the full-size Ford Bronco. Like many vehicles, the Trailduster was used in rallying, granted its use was very limited. Oddly, it did have some success, as was evident by it achieving first place at Sno*Drift in 1975. A second generation Trailduster was produced in Mexico and was based on the second generation Ram pickup in 1999. This was an unsuccessful attempt and the model never enjoyed the sales of the first generation Trailduster. As a result it was discontinued around 2004. One of the most interesting features of this generation was a small folding seat located in the cargo area. The seat faced sideways making it very uncomfortable for long trips, not to mention it was not a full-sized seat. It was somewhat reminiscent of what the flight attendants sit on on airplanes.

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