Plymouth Sundance
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Plymouth
Model: Sundance
Plymouth Sundance

The Plymouth Sundance was a compact car produced from 1987 to 1994. It was created to compete with the higher priced compacts such as the Geo Prizm, the Ford Escort and the Honda Civic. It and the Dodge Shadow, which are very alike, came in two body styles. The first was a 3-door hatchback and the second was a 5-door hatchback. However, unlike the Dodge Shadow, a convertible model was not available for the Sundance. Most likely, this is because almost all Plymouths were sold with Chryslers, and Chrysler already had the LeBaron convertible. The Dodge model on the other hand, were sold by themselves, and further, Dodge had no other convertible. Both were built using a variant of the esteemed K-car platform. Their platform was known as the P-body, which was based on a mixture of the Dodge Daytona's suspension with a shorter wheelbase, and a shorter version of the Dodge Lancer's body. The Sundance looked like a regular sedan or coupe, but it was actually a hatchback. Chrysler sold this as a special feature although it does not seem that the marketplace caught on. Further, the relatively large storage capacity of the Sundance was another major selling point. While it was based on a platform, which dated far back to 1981, its design, and reliable components, made the Sundance favored until it was discontinued. Due to the fact that the Sundance was based on a mid-size car with a sports car's suspension, it proved to be comfortable, yet with nice cornering. The Sundance itself was more geared to comfort while the Shadow was more aimed at performance. However the difference was really not that drastic. They both carried very similar characteristics which made them hard to distinguish in terms of which was better. In the end, personal preference trumped.

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