Plymouth Satellite
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Plymouth
Model: Satellite
Plymouth Satellite

The Plymouth Satellite was an automobile launched in 1965 as the top model in Plymouth's mid-sized Belvedere line. The Satellite would remain the top of the series until the 1967 model year, at which time it became the mid-priced model while the GTX took its place as the top model. Later, the Fury name was moved to Plymouth's mid-size models for 1975, at which time the Satellite name disappeared. During this time of mistaken identity, the Satellite did always use Chrysler's mid-size B platform. In 1966, along with a redesign, the Satellite was offered with the new option of a Street Hemi engine that had two 4-barrel carburetors, and a 10.25:1 compression. This also marked first year that the Satellite name was placed on a station wagon. With very minor trim changes over the years, this body continued for 1967. Previously though, when a new and larger Plymouth Fury was introduced for the 1965 model year, the Plymouth Belvedere name was moved to Plymouth's new mid-size line. This line was really just a continuation of Plymouth's full-size 1962 to 1964 models. The Belvedere Satellite became the top trim model in the series, sitting above the Belvedere I and the II. It was offered as a two-door hardtop or as a convertible. Both of these versions came equipped standard with bucket seats. The front end was very simple and included only a single headlight on each side and a grille that was divided into 4 thin rectangles laid horizontally. After the significant restyling, a higher trim called the Sport Satellite model was introduced in 1968. The Belevedere name was then moved yet again to the low-trim base models. This body lasted through 1970, with minor front and rear changes for 1970. This was the last year for the Belvedere name, thankfully. Additionally, 1968 was also the first year for the Plymouth Roadrunner, which shared the same body as the Satellite and the Belvedere models.

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