Plymouth Horizon
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Plymouth
Model: Horizon
Plymouth Horizon

The Plymouth Horizon, not to be confused with the very similar Dodge Omni, is a front wheel drive subcompact cars introduced by the Dodge and Plymouth divisions of Chrysler Corporation in North America in 1978. The Horizon is rooted on a European Simca-based design of the same name. These were the first of many successful front-wheel drive models, although they really are not credited as being so. Most of the credit is given to the Dodge Aries and the Dodge Caravan, both of which were monumental in returning Chrysler to profitability. In terms of the layout and styling if the Horizon, it was a five-door hatchback with substantial European origins. This is sort of humorous because the car was actually developed by Simca, the French division of Chrysler Europe. Later that company was sold to Peugeot, which also released the car only under the name Talbot Horizon. Up until that time, Plymouth had avoided building a car for the subcompact market, preferring to use captive imports like the Dodge Colt instead. Oddly, this little car has made a name for itself in the realm of popular culture. Canadian comedians Arrogant Worms have a song dedicated to the 1984 Plymouth Horizon, the sister car to the Dodge Omni. Further, in the 1990 film Home Alone, the pizza delivery boy drives a Dodge Omni. Viewer should remember it as the car that collides with a metal statue in the driveway and knocks it over. But, it seems that the Omni was viewed more as a gag model than a reputable vehicle. In the long run of the Dodge company this really won’t be a detriment, given that many times bad publicity, or better yet, humorous publicity can end up being a very effective way to create a household name. Granted, people are not going to go running out to purchase a Horizon, but next time they go to purchase a car, Plymouth will at least in some regard enter their minds.

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