Plymouth GranFury
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Plymouth
Model: GranFury
Plymouth GranFury

In 1980 the Gran Fury returned from the grave. It was this time built upon the R-body, which was introduced for 1979. The model was nearly identical to the concurrent Chrysler Newport, but it was intended to meet the dealer's requests for a lower-priced full-size model. But more importantly, it was needed to fulfill fleet orders. Things did not turn out very well and the model was short-lived. In fact, it was discontinued midway through the 1981 model year along with the other R-body models. Like its sister car, the Dodge St. Regis, the R-body Gran Fury was mainly popular among fleet customers. This particularly included police departments. Oddly enough, the 1981 Gran Fury was the last full-size car to wear the Plymouth name before the brand's demise twenty years later. By 1982, Plymouth released the last car to carry the Gran Fury name, and this time was using the Dodge Diplomat's platform. It was available to the general public, but the Gran Fury was much more popular with police departments and other fleet customers. This resulted because the car was moderately priced and had a conventional engine with proven parts that could take a good deal of abuse. This generation of the Gran Fury did sell in respectable numbers, but the Diplomat always outsold it. In fact, it outsold it by several thousand units each year. Further, its Chrysler siblings' total sales were always more than that of the Gran Fury and the Diplomat's by far. As was expected, declining sales, a lack of advertising and general old age eventually let to the model's demise in 1989. The model began in 1975 when the Plymouth Satellite was renamed the Fury. The old Fury was then renamed the Gran Fury. But as history would have it, none of this seemed to matter to buyers, because they frankly did not care. It certainly did not encourage sales.

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