Plymouth Caravelle
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Plymouth
Model: Caravelle
Plymouth Caravelle

In Canada, the Caravelle first made its appearance for the 1978 model year. It came out as a version of the Dodge Diplomat for the Canadian Chrysler/Plymouth dealers. All of the Chrysler Canada dealers sold Chryslers, but only the top of the line LeBaron was sold in Canada. The Diplomat and the Caravelle did not however offer the top line models. The Caravelle came with a number of standard details including an AM/FM stereo, power windows, power locks, cruise control and split-folding bench seats, which were very popular. The Caravelle was nothing more than a Plymouth-badged successor to the Chrysler E-Class. It was originally a 1983 Canadian model only, but the Caravelle came to the United States in 1985. It was more or less, identical to the concurrent Dodge 600. By 1989, it was replaced by the Plymouth Acclaim. But, before that occurred, in 1983, Chrysler Canada added the E-body version of the Dodge 600, and also called it the Caravelle. The rear wheel drive Caravelle then became known as the Caravelle Salon, as opposed to taking the American "Gran Fury" moniker. To add to the confusion, in 1983, Chrysler Canada added a Caravelle version of the Dodge 400 2-door coupe. Thus the Caravelle was now available in three sizes based on three different platforms, with those being the K, the E and the M. To ease some of the madness, the coupe was dropped after 1986 while the sedan production came to an end in 1988. The Caravelle Salon, which was the original rear wheel drive version, lasted until 1989. The Caravelle Salon and the Dodge Diplomat were later supplanted by the Dodge Dynasty, which was known as the Chrysler Dynasty in Canada. Not surprisingly, the name confusions surrounding the model made it somewhat undesirable as no one really knew what model was what especially when comparing across the Canadian and US offerings.

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