Plymouth Acclaim
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Plymouth
Model: Acclaim
Plymouth Acclaim

The Plymouth Acclaim was a mid-size sedan manufactured from the 1989 to 1995 model years. It was first launched by Plymouth as the successor to the recently dropped, but similarly sized extended-K Caravelle. At this particular time, many automotive critics labeled the Acclaim as the replacement for the smaller Reliant, which continued to sell for a short period thereafter. The Acclaim much like the Dodge Spirit, as well as the Chrysler LeBaron. It was further like the export-market Chrysler Saratoga. The Acclaim was a modified model of the Chrysler Corporation's AA body 4-door sedan. Across the AA body family of cars, the Acclaim was normally labeled the low-end to midrange model. However, in reality, there were Acclaims that were delivered from the factory with a handful of deluxe equipment. The Acclaim differed in appearance from the Spirit and LeBaron, which it has been compared to. Primarily it varies in styling elements, such as the grille, the taillights, the interior trim and the exterior trim. Over the years, nearly identical cars had been offered under Dodge and Plymouth brands for fifteen years by the time the Acclaim arrived. So, this was nothing new. Once the Acclaim was dropped from the production limes, Chrysler did not directly replace the model with another Plymouth. Unlike Dodge, Chrysler only offered the higher priced and award-winning Chrysler Cirrus, which applied the cab-forward styling. This styling was first introduced by the Chrysler Concorde, the Dodge Intrepid and the Eagle Vision in 1993. Eventually, the Plymouth Breeze would be offered up as a value replacement of the Chrysler Cirrus, but that only lasted until the Plymouth nameplate was retired entirely. The Acclaim really did not actually receive any acclaim per se. It seems that the model could have never existed and no one would have known the difference.

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