Oldsmobile Omega
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: Omega
Oldsmobile Omega

The Oldsmobile Omega was a compact car available from 1973 through 1984 by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors. Over that 11-year span, there were two generations of Omegas, both of which were based on popular Chevrolet models, and both of which used General Motors' X-body design. For one, there was the 1973 to 1979 RWD Chevrolet Nova, and for two, there was the 1980 to 1984 FWD Chevrolet Citation. In 1985, the Omega was replaced by the N-body Calais. Throughout time, there have been two X-body automobile platforms from General Motors. All of the X-bodies were small entry-level models. The rear-wheel drive X-body, which was what the Chevrolet Nova was based upon, was used in the 1960s and the 1970s. It was also the inspiration for the Cadillac Seville's K platform. The wheelbase of this platform was 111 inches, and in fact, many components were shared with the contemporary F platform. The platform was applied to the Buick Apollo, the Buick Skylark, the Chevrolet Nova, the Oldsmobile Omega, the Pontiac Ventura and the Pontiac Phoenix. Between 1968 and 1974, the GM X-bodies were rear steer, whereas the 1975 to 1979 models were front steer. During this time, no station wagons were produced on the X-body platform, whereas, Chrysler who was major competition, produced a station wagon based on their Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare compacts. Changing gears, the front-wheel drive X-body was used for compact cars from 1980 to 1985. The X-body program was widely taken to be a failure at the time, but the GM A platform, which was introduced in 1982, lasted for over a decade. Oddly, only the Skylark name was moved over to the next generation of GM compact cars, which were based on the N-body. It is fascinating how many model are just a compilation of parts and pieces from all of the other models on the market.

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