Oldsmobile LSS
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: LSS
Oldsmobile LSS

A large number of variations in this model name were seen over the long haul. It has been known as the Delmont, the Delta, the Dynamic, the Jetstar, the Starfire, the Super, the Holiday, the L/S, the LSS, the Celebrity and the Royale. This model is certainly dealing with a case of mistaken identity, but regardless, this page is where you can get car transport estimates to ship the Oldsmobile LSS.

Car Transport Estimates For The Oldsmobile LSS

The model, under the LSS nomenclature was available from 1996 until 1999. This was a sports sedan that was oddly particularly aimed at male European car buyers. It came available with a supercharged V6 and a floor mounted gear shifter. It is worth noting that early LSS models, prior to 1995, were rarely equipped with the 3800 Supercharged engine. The LSS was part of the Oldsmobile 88 line, which was a full-size car series sold by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors. It was produced for a very long time from 1949 until 1999. Between 1950 and 1974 the 88 was the company’s top-selling model, with the entry-level models such as the 88 and the Dynamic 88 being the biggest hits.

Are Car Transport Estimates Sometimes Confusing For The LSS?

You bet. Because of all the model name changes, the customers and the car transport companies are unsure just what is being shipped. Therefore, you need to be careful. Identify the proper model year, model name and vehicle¬ specs beforehand. By having all of the Olds LSS’ information ahead of time, you ensure receiving an accurate price using our¬†car shipping quote calculator.

The 88 series was also a leader for Oldsmobile, particularly in the early years when it was one of the best performing automobiles thanks to its relatively small size, light weight and advanced overhead-valve high-compression V8 engine. The engine was originally engineered for the larger and more luxurious 98 series but was instead dropped into the smaller six-cylinder Oldsmobile 76 body. This created what was considered the poppa of the 1960s muscle cars. This model was produced in Wentzville, Missouri; Flint, Michigan; and Lake Orion, Michigan. The LSS was part of a valiant group of cars that sadly could not hold up in the ruthless and competitive industry. It had only three short years on the market, and was frankly not given an opportunity to shine.

Luckily, the Oldsmobile LSS’ specifications make it ideal for car transporting. The Direct Express Auto Transport one of a kind car transport quote calculator is just as great.

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