Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: Cutlass Salon
Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon

Throughout time, the Cutlass moniker was used by Oldsmobile as a sub-marquee, which is evident as a number of different vehicles carried the name at the same time. However, the domination and saturation of Oldsmobile Cutlass models caused a ton of confusion in the market place during the 1980s. At that particular time, four different vehicles were on the market with the same name: the Cutlass Calais, the Cutlass Ciera, the Cutlass Cruiser and the Cutlass Supreme. The Oldsmobile Cutlass itself was a model made by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors and was introduced long ago in 1961. It was a unibody compact car that competed with the Dodge Lancer and the Mercury Comet. The Cutlass Salon model was added in 1973 as a more luxurious model, and was first offered as a 4-door sedan and then as a 2-door sedan in 1974. Additionally and further, this was the first Oldsmobile with the international flags logo, which was later carried on the Cutlass Ciera. As is customary, it was time for a redesigned in 1973. The new model used GM's new Colonnade A-body platform, and the model lineup now consisted of the Cutlass S, the Cutlass Supreme, the Cutlass Salon and the Vista Cruiser station wagon. Later, in 1975, the Cutlass featured the Oldsmobile 260 V8 with a 5-speed manual transmission or an optional automatic transmission. By 1976, the Oldsmobile Cutlass became America's best selling car to the pleasure and surprise of Oldsmobile. A drastically redesigned front-end was carried over into the 1977 models, and with continuous improvements, lasted into the late 1980s. At this time, optional engines included the Olds 350 or the Olds 455, but only with automatic transmissions. The Buick 231in<sup>3</sup> V6 was added for the 1977 model year and at the same time the Olds 403 replaced the 455.

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