Nissan Frontier 4dr Short Bed
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier 4dr Short Bed
Nissan Frontier 4dr Short Bed

The Frontier was initially introduced in 1997 for the 1998 model year as a replacement for the aging Nissan Hardbody Truck. Nissan was at first offering the Frontier with a 4-cylinder engine, but later added the 6-cylinder engine in 1999. Further, the truck was available only in a standard cab at first, but a king cab configuration was also added in 1999 along with the better engine. The Nissan Frontier in total is a pickup truck assembled by Nissan and sold under the Nissan brand. It is called the Navara when being sold in Europe. As history has it, Nissan was the founder of the compact pickup truck market in 1959. They were quickly joined in the 1960s by Toyota. However, since 1959, Nissan has been known for a number of notable firsts in the compact pickup truck market. These include offering the first extended cab body and also offering the first crew cab body in the compact pickup segment in North America. The Frontiers are currently being built in Smyrna, Tennessee, which is exactly where its big brother, the Nissan Hardbody was built. At first, the Frontier was taken as a compact, but by 2005, the Frontier had become more mid-sized. It then used the new Nissan F-Alpha platform and resembled the company's full-size Nissan Titan truck. Furthering the increase in size, the truck's new wheelbase is 125.9 in with a 205.5 in overall length. The towing capacity is excellent for the size of the vehicle, coming in at 6500 lbs. A six-speed manual is standard with a five-speed automatic being offered as optional. Not to mention, both rear and four-wheel drive are available which is to be expected with a pickup truck like such. Traction control and hill-descent control are also available which are extra handy when towing that boat, or bobcat.

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