Nash Ambassador Suburban
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Nash
Model: Ambassador Suburban
Nash Ambassador Suburban

The Nash Motors Company first used the name Ambassador during the 1927 model year when a specially trimmed four-door, five-passenger sedan version of Nash's Advanced Six was developed. This was at the time the most expensive model in the line, and the Ambassador was privy to premium upgrades on the interior, including better upholstery and other trim items for a price of $2,090. Soon thereafter though, the Ambassador model lost its position as Nash's most expensive car in 1929 with the release of the seven-passenger sedan and limousine models, which were produced through the 1934 model year. By mid-1932, Nash launched the Ambassador Eight as a model range of its own. It came in a number of body styles, which included coupes. It rode on a 133-inch and 142-inch wheelbase, and earned a prestigious title for its quality, durability, styling and speed. This model belonged to a part of Nash's second 1932 series, which also included entirely new bodies and mechanical updates on all models. Nash and GM were the only automobile manufacturers to make a profit in 1932. Later in 1934, Nash launched a completely new styling, known as Speedstream, which featured a generous use of ornamental moldings in body panels and fenders. This took on a very Art Deco feel. The Ambassador Eight series for this year was restricted to various four-door sedan body types. The year 1935 saw another whole re-design which included further trimmings of body styles, and added a two-door sedan to the Ambassador Eight series. By this point, the 1935 Ambassador Eight was now based upon a smaller 125-inch wheelbase. This marked the end to Nash’s big, classic cars. This Suburban was part of a very successful line at the time and it was sad to see the company take their turn away from large and stately autos.

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