Morgan Super Sport
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Morgan
Model: Super Sport
Morgan Super Sport

In 2000, the Morgan Super Sport was launched with the traditional ash wooden body substructure. However, contrary to popular belief, the chassis is metal or aluminum for the Aero 8. The Super Sport comes equipped with a BMW V8 engine in a car half the weight of the BMW. This is of course quite a help in terms of performance. Thus, it is even faster than the Plus 8, and delivers what Autoweek magazine described as supercar performance. Later, in 2004, the Morgan Roadster was released to replace the Super Sport, which had to be withdrawn once the supply of suitable V8 engines was exhausted. This of course was not ideal, but that was just the way the cookie crumbled. The factory where production was occurring is located in Malvern Link and only has 155 employees. However, they were such great cars because all were assembled by hand. The waiting list is now up to a year, which is to be expected with only 155 employees doing handcraft work. In fact, to give some idea, production is nine cars a week and each car takes three months to build. Among true fans, these cars are affectionately known as Moggies. Their owners tend to be very habitual in their approach to sports cars, thus the reason why the hardtop Plus 4 Plus was a dismal failure; its styling was considered too modern. Very excitingly, in October of 2006 Morgan revealed it would produce a fuel cell based sports car called the LIFEcar and based it on the Aero Eight as an experiment. It is currently being built in a joint effort with the UK Department for Trade and Industry, fuel cell maker QinetiQ, BOC, and OScar and a few educational institutions. It seems the car will be ready in a few years time.

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