Morgan Aero 8
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Morgan
Model: Aero 8
Morgan Aero 8

Wealth. Status. Power – those are just a few of the ambulance of impressions drivers of the Aero 8 leave on passerby. The Aero 8 is an unprecedented two-seater sports car developed by Morgan, the infamous British manufacturer. The Aero 8 made its debut in the United States market in the 2004 model year-the second vehicle introduced since Morgan reentered the American luxury automobile market since leaving it in 1968. The Aero also marks another milestone, as it is the first completely new auto produced by Morgan is over 50 years. Its brawny, boastful exterior is just the beginning, as drivers are in for a breath taking adventure from the very moment the key is turned in the ignition and the tires start spinning on the pavement.

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The hand crafted Aero 8 is comprised of an aluminum chassis- a much debated but extremely technologically advanced move, and is built with some of the most cutting edge elements available in the world. This unique composition contributes to the Aero 8’s extraordinary strength and exceptionally light weight- clocking in at just a tad over 2,000 pounds. Lustrous features such as cruise control and lush Connolly leather seating are standard, and several optional upgrades are also available such as air conditioning. Safety wasn’t skimped on either, as driver and passenger airbags and an Antilock Breaking System are also part of the deal. Drivers should prepare to be amazed for an exhilarating journey in this truly fun to drive vehicle sure to get the adrenalin pumping! A near effortless ride, light to the touch acceleration, and overall easy handling is ready to be discovered in each and every drive. The Morgan Aero 8 is undoubtedly eccentric, but to simply call it unique is an understatement; it must be driven in order to be understood. For more details on the Morgan Aero 8 you can go here. Car shipping quotes for the Morgan Aero 8 are available on this page using our online rate calculator.

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