Mitsubishi Sigma
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Sigma
Mitsubishi Sigma

The first Australian built Sigmas were launched in October 1977 as a substitute for the aged GD series Galant and were initially known under the Chrysler marquee. The GE series Sigma was the first to reach the Australian market and present the Astron engine range. Included in this range was the 1.6 L Saturn engine, which was also available in the base model Sigma. The mid-range model was the Sigma GL and it came standard with the Astron engine and a 4-speed manual. The top of the line model was the Sigma SE and was initially only offered with the Astron 2000 engine and a 3-speed automatic. Further, it was special given that it had equipment levels never heard of at the time, which included reclining rear seats. Interestingly, while it was only introduced to Australia in 1980, a facelift actually appeared on the Japanese home market Galant models and on the New Zealand assembled Mitsubishi Sigma models in 1979. To clear up the confusion, Mitsubishi Motors took over the manufacturing facility in 1980, at which point they renamed the vehicle the Mitsubishi Sigma. This particular model was discontinued in December 1987. A GLX model was placed between GL and SE trim levels and was marketed as a sports pack. Further, although it is not like this company, a limited production of 1000 Peter Wherrett editions of the GLX were built. These were named after the Australian motoring journalist Peter Wherrett who had been given the task of improving the handling of the Sigma. This was humorously assigned to him after he complaining about it. A redesigned GJ Sigma was released in March 1982, which was based on the 1980 JDM Mitsubishi Galant. A complete redesign was done for the sedan models, however the wagon models were new only from the firewall forward.

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