Mitsubishi Montero
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Montero
Mitsubishi Montero

The Mitsubishi Montero can be known by a number of things around the world. For example, it is known as the Mitsubishi Pajero, as the Mitsubishi Montero in the Americas and in Spain and as the Mitsubishi Shogun in the United Kingdom. This SUV, in all forms listed, is built by Mitsubishi Motors. The moniker Montero means 'mountain warrior' and was used because Pajero is an inappropriate slang word in the Spanish language. This would have obviously not gone over too well in those markets. Thanks though to its success, the Pajero, Montero and Shogun names were also applied to other, mechanically different models, such as the Pajero Mini kei car, the Pajero Junior and the Pajero iO mini SUV. The first generation took center stage at the Tokyo Motor Show in October of 1981, and was soon thereafter launched in May 1982. Initially, it was a three-door, short-wheelbase model with either a metal or a canvas top and three different engines options. Previously though, some concept cars had been discussed. The first Pajero I prototype was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in November of 1973 with the Pajero II prototype following in 1978. Mitsubishi's aim at this point was to create more of a recreational vehicle, not just a workhorse. This was in contrast to previous happenings as Mitsubishi Motors had been Japan's biggest four wheel drive manufacturer before World War II. This must have been a good plane because to date, the Pajero (Montero) is the most successful vehicle in the Dakar Rally. This not only earned it a rugged reputation, but also helped in the sales department drastically. Four months later, in April 1985, the Pajero set another milestone making four speed automatic transmissions and ELR seatbelts standard on all models. The Montero has certainly made its way around the globe and back, and been pretty successful doing it.

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