Mitsubishi Diamante
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Diamante
Mitsubishi Diamante

Most interesting, there have been rumors that the Diamante was either not meant as a Japanese release, or that it might have been intended as a low-volume model. The reason for the debate is that until 1989, the width of the vehicle was a fundamental indication of the taxation class. The Diamante, however, being that it was wider than the 1700 mm break, would have suffered a huge tax penalty greater than its rivals. Most models were being designed to be just under limit. At the time though, Mitsubishi's image was also taken as less than ideal for the marketing of a luxury vehicle. This was a result of the fact that its most expensive model at the time was the Debonair. This model was seen as a company car project for Mitsubishi executives. Nevertheless, the Mitsubishi Diamante was first released to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1989, and indeed it went on sale in Japan in May 1990. It ended up becoming the second generation Magna, which replaced the 1983 Galant Sigma. However, the tax situation had changed by 1989, and the Diamante became the surprise hit of 1990. As Japan's economy was entering a bubble, many private car owners were looking for an executive car in a market that had very few new models that year. The Diamante was a four-door hardtop and only five months after its launch, Mitsubishi also introduced the Sigma. The new models were different from the Diamante with a slightly taller roofline. The second generation of the Diamante was later introduced in Japan in January 1995. The car was again marginally larger with improved headroom. On June 15, 2005, Mitsubishi announced it would stop production on the larger sedans within Japan by December; this included both the Diamante and the Galant.

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