Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: MG
Model: MGB

Launched in May of 1962, the MGB was Britain's best-selling sports car. It was created to replace the MGA, and production happily continued until October 22, 1980. This was a terrific run in the market. The MGB was at first produced by the British Motor Corporation and sold under the MG marquee. MGB production sustained throughout the restructuring of the British motor industry. The parent company transition from BMC to British Motor Holdings in 1966 and then to British Leyland Motor Corporation in 1968. It truly is amazing that the model made its way through the corporate jungle. Originally it was introduced as a convertible, but later a coupe version was available as of 1965. The MGB featured a four cylinder engine, but a derivative model, called MGC featured a six cylinder engine. Further, a limited production variant, called MGB GT V8 featured an eight cylinder engine. The combined production of the MGB, the MGC and the MGB GT V8 models was a whopping 523,836 cars. However, for the true enthusiasts, an especially limited production model called the RV8 was produced by Rover in the 1990s. The MGB's performance was impressive, with a 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of just over 11 seconds, which was notable for the time. This quickness was largely because of the relatively lightweight of the car. Even better though was the handling, which was one of the MGB's strong points. A majority of the MGBs were exported to United States however things went sour eventually. In 1974, as United States air pollution emission standards became more rigorous, US market MGBs were failed for compliance. But, models that are still around today are said to still be in great working condition and are very capable of taking on some of the more modern sports cars currently available.

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