Mercury LN7
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercury
Model: LN7
Mercury LN7

Mercury and Ford have a lot in common. Both the Ford EXP and the Mercury LN7 had a sharply sloping windshield, wheel arches with prominent lips and wide body side moldings not far below the top of the wheel well. The biggest difference was the rear end. This model was first shown at the Chicago Auto Show and introduced in April 1981 as an early 1982 model, the Ford EXP and Mercury LN7 were the first two-seaters that Ford made available in 25 years. Ford’s marketing strategy was based on their opinion of American lifestyle in the early 1980s. Ford believed that the growing number of one and two person families led them to determine that Americans wanted a small car that is reliable, efficient, and does not look too bad.

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Comparing the EXP to the original Thunderbird, the Ford Division General Manager Louis E. Latalf wanted the newer model to be more fuel efficient to match to the lifestyles of the eighties. Ford’s feeling was that if a customer wanted room for four or five passengers, they would buy a Ford Escort or a Fairmont. The whole marketing was toward a personal vehicle for two, with a backup seat for a third. The badge of EXP reflected this philosophy. The EXP was a notchback with a lift-up hatch, while the LN7 used a big bubble like back window. The EXP’s simple grille consisted merely of twin horizontal slats on the sloped front panel where as the LN7 had ten of them. The two-seater LN7 never had an adequate number of customers and was thus dropped out after 1983 due to sluggish sales. Many of the LN7’s distinct styling characteristics, such as the bubble like back window, were later adopted to the EXP’s design nonetheless. Therefore, it is very unlikely you will ever see one on the road. Try getting a car shipping quote for the Mercury LN7 right here using our first of a kind auto transport price calculator.

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