Mercury Cougar
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercury
Model: Cougar
Mercury Cougar

A calculated effort was made to give the Mercury Cougar a more European flare than the Mustang, or at least in American buyers' eyes. Aside from the base model and the luxurious XR-7, only one trim package was available for both models: the first package was the sporty GT. The XR-7 model brought a wood-grained steering wheel, a simulated wood-grained dashboard with a full set of black-faced racing instruments and toggle switches, an overhead console, a T-type center automatic transmission shifter, and lastly, leather or vinyl seats. The GT package supplied a considerably larger engine in which Ford's 6.4 L FE-series big block replaced the small-block 4.7 L standard engine. Moreover, along with this came an upgraded suspension to handle the extra weight of the big engine and to give better handling. This also included more powerful brakes, better tires and a low-restriction exhaust system. The Cougar was rewarded too for its accomplishments, as it was Motor Trend magazine's Car of the Year for 1967.The Mercury Cougar name was first used in 1967 and was carried by a range of cars over the next three decades. As is common with Mercury vehicles, the Cougar shared basic platforms with the Ford models. Formerly, this was the Mustang, but subsequent versions of the Cougar were built upon the Thunderbird, and the last was a version of the Contour. The Cougar was vital to Mercury's image for many years. The 1967 Cougar was based on that year's new second-generation Mustang, but with a 3 inch longer wheelbase and new sheet metal. A full-width divided grille with hidden headlamps and vertical bars defined the front end and it was sometimes humorously called the electric shaver grille. In the back, a similar treatment saw the license plate surrounded on both sides with a vertically slatted grille that concealed the taillights, which was a styling touch taken from the Thunderbird.

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