Mercedes-Benz SL 600
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: SL 600
Mercedes-Benz SL 600

This is the Mercedes to own. It is unmatched in all regards. The SL 600 is outfitted with a beautiful leather interior that is sure to please even the most spoiled of drivers. The door panels are covered in leather, as is the dashboard. The center mounted armrest is also covered in leather. In fact, it seems as if everything is covered in this wonderful leather, making this not the car for animal rights activists. The wood in the car is also beautiful, as some have the option of the Maple Wood, while most have burl walnut wood for accents. The steering wheel is a combination of both, as if that was even possible. Finally, to top things off, the gear lever has a leather and wood knob. Really folks, this is the beauty of all beauties. Not to mention, it has a V12 engine, top that. The Mercedes-Benz R 129 automobiles were produced from 1989 through 2003, and during that time they were sold under the SL-Class model name. The R129 replaced the R107 SL-Class in 1989. As one could obviously tell, the SL 600 was one of the most luxurious SL's. It weighed in at over 2 tons making it was one of the heaviest SL's ever built. It came loaded with standard options such as a CD changer, Adaptive Dampening Suspension, Xenon HID Headlamps, all leather interior as previously mentioned, two-tone leather and the M120 V12 engine. Owners report seeing more than 400-horsepower out of this beast. For 2007, the SL 600 received a complete redesign, which included such exterior upgrades as a gray titanium grille, Xenon high-intensity headlights, halogen corner-illuminating front fog lights and side vents. Further, like all SL roadsters, it also was equipped with an electro hydraulic retractable aluminum folding hardtop that stows in the trunk.

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