Mercedes-Benz SL 450
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: SL 450
Mercedes-Benz SL 450

In 2001, an all-new SL, which was initially only a 5.0 L SL 500 version, went on sale. It boasted a Vario-Roof, which was an electric folding steel roof, which had been seen on the smaller, cheaper SLKs in 1997. This was a huge deal at the time and is credited for the model's success. Further, a 5.0 L 302 hp (225 kW) V8 was optional, with a 5.5 L AMG V8 appearing in the 2004 SL 55 AMG. Now that was a powerful and very nicely engineered auto. Anyhow, V12 engines are available in the SL 600 and the limited-production SL 65 AMG, which are also very nice. This model was born out of the fact that as the new millennium approached, the SL was a decade old and customers were turning to more modern cars like the Jaguar XK8. Benz was obviously not pleased to be losing buyers to its competitors so they knew that something innovative had to be in the works. The Mercedes-Benz SL Class as a whole is a series of luxury automobiles meaning Sport Light. The 2004 Mercedes- Benz SL 500 was retailing at the time $88,500 and the SL 55 AMG was retailing $119,750, and lastly, the SL 600 was retailing $125,950. In terms of the transmission offering on the model, drivers could select between a 7-speed automatic with manual shift or a 5-speed automatic with SpeedShift. Other features of the model include Safety Equipment ABS, Brake Assist, automatic slip control, electronic stability control, front and side airbags, BabySmart, automatic-adjusting head restraints, automatic pop-up roll bar and 3-point seatbelts with emergency retractors. Needless to say, safety was a huge selling point. But, it did all this in style and grace, as the 2001 Mercedes Benz SL Class won European Best Interior Design award.

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