Mercedes-Benz SL 320
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: SL 320
Mercedes-Benz SL 320

This two-seat passenger roadster was born in the 1994 model year, at which point Mercedes-Benz had changed the names of its SL Class cars to accurately reflect engine size and eliminate confusion. Previously called the SL 300, the SL 320 now takes its name from its 3.2-liter, six-cylinder engine. The whole Mercedes-Benz SL-Class is a series of luxury automobiles with the name meaning Sport Light. The SL name itself did originate some time ago though. The SL 320 was dropped from the MB line-up in the 1998 model year, which left only the V8 and the V12 roadsters in the SL-Class. The Mercedes-Benz R 129 automobiles were produced from 1989 through 2003 in total. They were sold under the SL-Class model names and the R 129 replaced the R 107 SL Class in 1989. Later, in 1994, it was time for some upgrading and makeovers. In this facelift, the SL, and the 300 SL were replaced in Europe by the SL 280 and SL 320. These models had 2.8 L and 3.2 L I6 engines respectable. The SL 500 however continued with the same powerful engine. A 389 hp 6.0 L V12 SL 600 did top the range in 1993. In all honesty, the SL 600 was the model to obtain. All others were just trying to achieve the status of its greatness. The SL 320 replaced the 300 SL in the United States in 1995, but the SL 280 was not offered any longer. Later, the 6-cylinder SLs were dropped from the United States lineup in 1998, which left just the V8 and V12. The SL 500 got a new 302 hp (225 kW) 5.0 L V8 for 1999. The SL Class has proven time and time again to be a sure fire bet for a great auto. They are not only nice to look at, but they perform very well.

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