Mercedes-Benz SEL 560
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: SEL 560
Mercedes-Benz SEL 560

The SEL 560 was introduced at the IAA in Frankfurt in September of 1979. Its styling was differed from the rest of the Mercedes fleet at that time, so as to be expected some people did not appreciate it right away. The objective of the design team, lead by Bruno Sacco, was to create a model that was sleeker, more aerodynamic, lighter and faster than the previous model which is of course the typical goal in mind. The application of lighter materials and alloys combined with thorough wind tunnel testing to reduce overall drag meant that car consumed about 10% less fuel than its predecessor and the maximum speed was also increased. This was a great example of working smart, not working hard. The Mercedes-Benz SEL 560 is a car that was manufactured by the German automotive marquee Mercedes-Benz and was initially offered as both a short and a long wheelbase sedan. Further, in September 1981 the introduction of the coupe body style was a surprise. Over the car's twelve year production run between 1979 and 1991 the different body styles achieved a combined sales of 892,123 units, of which 74,060 were coupes. This makes the W126 the most popular to date. The SEL 560 replaced the 1970s generation W116 and carried forward the self-leveling hydro pneumatic suspension of the 6.9 as an option on the 500, and standard on the 560 models. Following the 1970s oil crisis, Mercedes-Benz made fuel efficiency a main goal of the model, even in the large V8 engine models. The most spectacular new engine was the 5.6 liter V8 that was a further advancement over the 5 liter version. There was even a higher compression version available, if required, that produced some 300 hp. This version was sadly only available though without a catalytic converter.

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