Mercedes-Benz S 55 AMG
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: S 55 AMG
Mercedes-Benz S 55 AMG

This is not your typical sports car as it weighs more than 4,000 pounds, and unlike most other AMG models, it has four doors. The S 55 AMG does though hold its own with the two-door AMGs on the race track. Built by Mercedes-Benz's high-performance AMG unit, the S 55 AMG is based on the S 550 platform but offers more speed and better performance. Basically, it is a street ready race car built in limited numbers for the Mercedes enthusiast. And in reality, it is better left on the main roadways. AMG miraculously placed 493 horses and 516 feet-pounds of torque into the V8 engine, which allows it to match a Porsche 911. In fact, recent versions of both cars do zero to 60 in the same 4.6 seconds. With numbers like that, there is no questioning why the engine's designer, Guido Nordheim, personally signs his name on each engine. Now that is pride and service all in one. The W 220 Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans started production in 2000 and went out of production in 2006 at which time it was replaced by the W 221 S-Class and the W 216 CL-class. The W 220 replaced the W 140 S-Class after the 1999 model year. The W220 was available with more engine options than the W 126 or the W 140. The options started with a smaller 3.2L 224hp V6 motor, which was outmoded by an enlarged 3.7L 245hp V6 in the S 350. Essentially, anything with the AMG name attached to it is going to be an excellent vehicle, because that branch of the company has beautifully perfected the manufacturing and designing of top performance vehicles. And to boot, they are not going to run you around in repairs years later. If you are going to spring for a Mercedes anyway, go big or go home and get an AMG.

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