Mercedes-Benz S 320
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: S 320
Mercedes-Benz S 320

The S-Class manifested out of the modest "Ponton" model, which was a six-cylinder sedan known as the W180 or W128 body style. The line was introduced as the 220a, the 219, the 220S and the 220SE. These models were sedans, coupes and convertibles and first saw showrooms in 1954 and 1956. Later, in 1959, the introduction of the 220Sb was a huge hit. Such a hit that it branched off in 1961 into the W110 featuring a shorter hood and shorter wheelbase for the economy models known as the 190c, the 190Dc, and the 300 SE. At time passed and as the German economy grew, Mercedes-Benz saw the opportunity to build much larger vehicles, which included the limited volume 1964 600 limousine which was a grand automobile. The Mercedes-Benz S 320 was produced between the 1994 and the 1999 model years and served as the entry-level model to Mercedes' famed S-Class lineup. The car was later replaced by a similar sedan, known as the S 430, in the 2000 model. This coincided with Mercedes' overhaul of the entire S-Class. Although, while still in production, the S 320 highlighted an inline, six-cylinder engine that produced 228 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque. Later models of the car featured a driver-adaptive electronic 5-speed automatic. In total, two versions of the S 320 were built by Mercedes: one option was the Long Wheel Base (LWD), and the other option was the Short Wheel Base (SWD). The long wheelbase measures in at 205 inches long where as the short wheel base measures in at 201 inches. The S Class is such a great line of automobiles that it really would not matter which model was selected; the driver would be very happy anyway one looks at it. Bottom line, the S Class exudes class of its own.

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