Mercedes-Benz E 420
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: E 420
Mercedes-Benz E 420

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a mid-size luxury executive car sold by the Mercedes-Benz branch of DaimlerChrysler. The model line is offered with a mixture of four, six and eight-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. The E stood for Einspritzung, which is German for fuel injection, which was a very new attribute that was available only in a limited manner at the time the "E" first appeared in the 1950s. The E-Class has sold the most units of all Mercedes-Benz models worldwide. It is renowned both as a luxury sedan and as executive transport. Further, it is common to find taxis in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Portugal and Singapore using the E 420 for their fleet. Additionally, in Germany the E-Class is also used as a police interceptor vehicle. Unfortunately for police men in the United States, it is not customary to use luxury automobiles of police cars. A detective or captain might get one if they are real lucky, and even the chance of that is very slim. Further, the E 420's engine is rated at 275 horsepower, which is appropriate for the size and weight of this vehicle. It also contains a five-speed automatic gearbox, which is to be credited for the smooth shifting. The older models of automobiles would kick under your foot when trying to shift during acceleration, but this is not something that you have to worry about with this model. The shifting is so smooth that the car just takes off out no where so you better be wearing your seat belt. There have been very few problems, if any, with this model. Benz seems to have their business in order and is really making some nice cars these days. It is great to see a company that has embraced technological advances and is continuing to push the envelope.

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