Mercedes-Benz E 350
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: E 350
Mercedes-Benz E 350

The Mercedes-Benz E 350 four-door sedan was released in 2006 as a stand in for the E 320. In keeping with the Mercedes standard practice of naming its vehicles after the engine size, the E 350 was equipped with a 3.5-liter, 24-valve V6 engine that produced 268 horsepower, up from 221 horsepower for the E320. Of course, it was not just equipped with this engine because the name sounded good; it was equipped with this engine because it is a great engine.

 Auto Transport For The Mercedes-Benz E 350

The E350 was also equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission with electronically controlled shifting and a driver-adaptive programming that adjusted shift points depending on the driver’s style. This was the sort of technology that was previously not available in mainstream autos. Further, the transmission included an Optimum Gear that selected, at a nudge of the shift lever, the best gear for acceleration or braking, as well as a Comfort mode, which adjusted upshifts at a lower rpm for better control in difficult driving conditions. Basically, this is like driving a manual, with the convenience of driving an automatic. Some people would even scoff at the idea of having these sorts of assists on a manual vehicle, but where does one dry the line on luxury.

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As if things could be any more ridiculous, the E350 was also equipped with an Electronic Stability Program that monitored steering and braking to keep the car stable and balanced under aggressive driving. Granted, it should never need to engage because aggressive driving should theoretically not be occurring anyhow. Things just keep getting better and better, and in 2007, Mercedes- Benz amazingly added at no extra cost an optional E-Class Sport Package that included sculpted side skirts, a sport rear bumper with dual exhaust, 18-inch 10-twin-spoke wheels, headlamp washers and a sport suspension. In general, the Mercedes-Benz E350 might not be the sportiest model available in the market but its handling is right on target. Use our auto transport calculator and learn about the Mercedes-Benz E 350 by going here.

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