Mercedes-Benz E 320
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: E 320
Mercedes-Benz E 320

To fully understand the E 320, the platform on which it is built must be understood. The W124 was a substantial, mid-sized luxury vehicle platform, the last in a long line of sedans that were built with the motto that money was not an object, at least not an object to get in the way of making a great car. The result was tons of money poured in research and development. The products of all the investment were really great cars that had the best inside and out. These sedans had self-leveling rear suspension very similar to that of a Citroen BX. This included gas-pressurized spheres, leveling suspension struts and an under hood pressurizing pump. However, unlike the Citroen, Mercedes used rear springs as well as struts. Front suspension was more conventional though. The E 320 represented the pinnacle of road-going automotive technology at its introduction. It incorporated innovations that were praised by the entire motoring press and of course put buyers in a state of awe, and prompted many others to dream about one day owning a Mercedes- Benz. The E 320 had one of the lowest drag coefficients of any vehicle of the time, which was due to its aerodynamic body. This also set off a styling trend that was consequently copied by the entire industry in the years to come. This included plastic molding for the undercarriage to streamline airflow beneath the car. This addition resulted in reduced fuel consumption and less wind noise. It had a single windscreen wiper that extended and contracted in a synchronized manner to cover more surface area and it even had rear headrests that would fold down at the touch of a button on the dash to improve rearward visibility when appropriate. This was the pinnacle of design and engineering – a true gem for Benz.

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