Mercedes-Benz CLK 320
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: CLK 320
Mercedes-Benz CLK 320

The CLK models have had a number of additions over the years. The Mercedes- Benz CLK 320 coupe was launched in the 1998 model year, and was powered by a 3.2 L V6 engine. The CLK 320 convertible and the 4.3 L V8-powered CLK 430 coupe appeared one year later in 1999. A CLK 430 convertible joined the lineup again even one more year later in 2000. The high-performance CLK 55 AMG coupe was introduced in 2001, and was powered by a 5.4 L V8. The CLK 55 AMG convertible became available in 2002, the last year of this body style. The Mercedes-Benz CLK- Class is a mid-size luxury rear-wheel drive series that is based off the coupe version of the C-Class model. The dominant models include the CLK 350, the CLK 550, and the CLK 63 AMG. The CLK 63 AMG's 481 bhp V8 engine is the most powerful of the bunch. Both generations of the CLK-Class have been utilizing the Mercedes-Benz W208 chassis. Further, there is a convertible version of the CLK. The very first-generation CLK was introduced in 1996, which was three years after the 1st generation C-Class model. This is in fact the model from which the car was based. The launch of the CLK also marked Mercedes' first foray into the mid-sized coupe market and was, finally, the marquee’s first rival to the BMW 3-Series Coupe. This was something that the brand had been trying to accomplish for some time, and to have finally done so was a huge deal both for Benz, but also for BMW. Although it was a mid-sized coupe, and was based on the mid-sized executive C-Class, the CLK's styling drew very heavily on the front and rear styling indicators of the latest E-Class model, which was itself inspired by a 1993 concept car. This concept car actually looked very similar to the CLK. Makes one wonder, which came first – the chicken or the egg?

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