Mercedes-Benz 350
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: 350
Mercedes-Benz 350

As with its precursor, the 350 was the first of the "next generation" of Mercedes-Benz models to feature the company's new design theme. The 350 introduced new innovations such as double-pane window glazing, self-closing doors and trunk lid, electric windows which lowered back down when encountering an obstruction, rear-parking markers which appeared on the rear wings and a heating system which emitted warm air even after the engine was turned off. These were certainly the greatest additions available at the time, and even are remarkable compared to what is available as standard on most models today. However, these innovations have earned the 350 quite a reputation. The 350 is often known as the last Mercedes to be over engineered, which was a Mercedes trait that was costing the company in product delays and over budgeting because their research and development was so expensive. Now the downside of them realizing this is that more recently, the cars have been inferior to the older models. However, for the consumer, the 350 cost a considerable 25% more than its ancestor model, the W126. So, a change for simplicity was welcomed by consumers’ pocketbooks. Benz was also experiences intense pressure from Infiniti and Lexus, which led to adding more features and options as to set the 350 apart from the rest and to justify the higher price. Now, whether or not it was justified is another story. The 350 was even to feature air suspension as an option, but Mercedes was still perfecting the technology and chose to launch air-suspension in the next generation S-Class in 2000. This turned out to be a good move, as otherwise buyers would have been waiting for some time. The W220 S-Class superseded the 350 series S-Class in 1999 after an eight-year production run, and by the C215 CL-Class in 2000.

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