Mercedes-Benz 260
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: 260
Mercedes-Benz 260

Mercedes-Benz as a company has a long history of producing very nice cars at a reasonable price for the luxury market. Some may argue that in recent years though that the quality of the automobiles has declined. Those that support this notion blame the decline on the fact that Mercedes-Benz was acquired by another large manufacturer that did not really want to invest enough in the brand. Benz faces a tough up-hill battle as their reputation has been slightly tarnished in the years past. However, they have some things to be proud of and the 260 is one of them. The Mercedes-Benz 260 D was the first production passenger car that contained a diesel engine. This model hails from a long time ago as it was released in 1936 and remained in production for only a few years until 1939. A 2545 cc overhead valve, 4 cylinder engine employed the Bosch diesel injection system and produced 45 BHP at 3000 RPM. The car weighed approximately 1600 kg and could reach a top speed of 95 km/h, which was pretty good for 1936. A three-speed gearbox with overdrive was fitted on all models from 1938. The chassis was based on Mercedes technology of the time and had transverse leaf spring independent front suspension and swing axles at the rear. The brakes were hydraulic and a range of body types were made including sedans and convertibles. An example of this beauty is displayed at the Mercedes-Benz museum in Germany. This would be a remarkable model to see up close in personal as it looks very impressive in pictures and they certainly cannot do the car justice. To touch the body of the car and know that it was produced so long ago with such care is a great thing. If only things were made that way now.

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